Insurgent will mostly film in Atlanta, not Chicago, due to tax incentives offered down South. I know this is always a consideration for production companies, here in Vancouver, B.C., we lost a lot of movies and television shows to other cities who offered better incentives.

Not much production of “Insurgent,” the second film in the trilogy, will be local. “We’ll shoot a little bit in Chicago, but ‘Insurgent’ will largely be filmed in Atlanta,” said Erik Feig, co-president of Lionsgate Motion Pictures Group, whose studio Summit Entertainment makes the movies based on Veronica Roth’s trilogy.

Feig cited the incentives granted by the state of Georgia that are much more financially attractive to filmmakers than those provided by Illinois. Principal photography on “Insurgent,” also set in Chicago, is slated to begin in May.


I am glad to hear some exteriors will still take place in Chicago. I think that is an important part of this series!

Feig, the studio exec, indicated that if Illinois went further and matched the tax incentive programs of states like Georgia that have aggressively wooed Hollywood filmmakers, that could affect Summit’s plans for “Allegiant,” the third film in Roth’s trilogy.


“If it was possible, we would love to come back to Chicago,” he said. “Our experience of filming ‘Divergent’ there was terrific.”



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3 thoughts on “Insurgent filming to move South for much of production

    1. I know…. Hopefully SOME things will still be shot in Chicago but Insurgent doesn’t really have as many big landmarks in it and they need to save $$ so I get it…. 🙁

      1. I think they’re only doing a few exterior shots here. I can’t say I blame them even though it sucks for those of us who were hoping to work on Insurgent. The weather here is terrible until June and as they said, ATL is making it attractive with the tax breaks. TONS of movies are moving there. I don’t know if Chicago will match them, but we’ll see!

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