So we know that the Shatter Reality virtual reality tour is currently underway, maybe we’ll even see you in Chicago this weekend, but what’s cool is if you don’t live near these cities you can still experience it for yourself across any VR supported platform like Samsung MilkVR, Android and iOS. I downloaded the app on my iPhone last night, and it is quite awesome!

What’s even cooler is that you don’t have to own an expensive VR device to experience the full impressiveness of this app, all you need is some Google Cardboard (yep that’s right, Google does cardboard now).

googlecardboardInsurgent is the first to team up with Google Cardboard and TODAY only if you buy an Insurgent ticket through Fandango you will receive an Insurgent branded Google Cardboard for free. Lionsgate has also partnered with IMAX and REGAL Cinemas exclusively to distribute these special Google Cardboards in all Regal IMAX Theatres starting Thursday, March 19.

Before I go, I wanted to share this video from one of my fave YouTubers, PewDiePie, who experienced the Shatter Reality simulation through the Oculus. I could not stop laughing. So check it out and then go download the Insurgent Shatter Reality app for your device today!


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