Fraser Stag Brooch HorizontalOutlander fans, check out this beautiful brooch from RockLove jewelry! Fangirls have been wanting this jewelry piece since the collection was launched and now it’s here! Inspired by the prose of author Diana Gabaldon, RockLove designer Allison Hourcade explains:

“I’ve always dreamed of translating the Fraser Stag Brooch in the historical pen-annular style for knits, shawls, cloaks, and kilts!”


“A bearskin cloak, to be exact, fastened at the neck with a silver-gilt brooch as large as the palm of my hand. It was made in the shape of two leaping stags, backs arched and heads meeting to form a circle. The locking pin was a short, tapered fan, the head of it shaped like the tail of a fleeing deer.” – Chapter 36, Outlander.

Here are a few more items in RockLove’s signature Outlander: The Series jewelry box.  The entire collection can be viewed HERE 


We had a chance to chat with Allison about Outlander and what else she fangirls over. Check it out below:


Your pieces are inspired by Outlander books but are there other aspects of Scottish culture you draw inspiration from? 
Scotland has so much rugged romance, I’m spoiled for options!  From mysterious crags and lochs to windswept island cliffs, the scenery is all drama.  Celtic lore hovers like mist over everything, gently caressing it with Gaelic magic – the fashion, symbology, language, music, and stories.  It’s no wonder high fantasy novels all sound like they take place in the Highlands!
How long have you been a fan of the books?
I’ve been a fan of the Outlander series since my late teens, when I was reading a lot of Jacqueline Carey, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Philippa Gregory.
What’s been the best fan response you’ve gotten from some of your jewelry?
Outlander fans are amazing because their (our) love doesn’t stop at the series – it encompasses Scottish culture and history.  The Craigh Na Dun Necklace and new Fraser Stag Brooch have been the most popular RockLove designs and when fans write in, they often compliment the craftsmanship and historical accuracy of the collection.  My favorite responses include stories of their own Scotland visits and ancestry, and I typically inquire after their favorite brand of Scotch.
Which book in the Outlander series is your favorite?
That’s a tough one, since I love both Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber equally.  When re-reading the series, I always have to read both in succession.
Besides Outlander, what else do you fangirl over?
Oof, that list is LONG.  For me, it’s like dropping pins in time AND space – any tv show, book, or movie that falls within the preferred combination of era and destination instantly becomes a favorite.  1920’s Paris.  Mysticism of Ancient Egypt.  Norse culture in the Viking Age.  Royalty in Victorian England.  Prohibition in New York City.  Of course that means Doctor Who is a favorite because he visits them all… and Indiana Jones because he’s a scruffy tanned archeologists who wears his shirt mostly unbuttoned.
Thanks Allison for entertaining our questions! Make sure to go grab your Outlander Brooch and check out Allison’s other awesome fandom inspired jewelry as well!
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