Are you one of those people that find yourself sitting down to watch your favorite weekly show alone because all your besties live in a different city? Or State? Well we hear at MSP are here to tell you that you are NOT alone. Most of us here at Mainstream Passionista are friends… Besties even and we love to chat during our favorite shows via text and sometimes even group text. Raise your hand if we aren’t the only ones?

We decided that it might be time to share our conversations with the world, because we realized we might not be the only ones who need to SHOUTY CAPS something to a friend during an episode of The Originals or New Girl!

Because we love you so much… Here is a preview of what Text Talk will be like! This conversation was between Jennifer and myself during last week’s episode of Outlander “The Wedding”, For those of you wondering… I have not read the books yet. Jennifer has, so I ask spoilery questions. Also I watch with Closed Captioning on.

Text Talk with MSP: Outlander-The Wedding


(Frank aka Black Jack) 

J: Hahaha


Text Talk with MSP: Outlander-The Wedding


(Frank aka Black Jack) 

J: Hahaha


J: Oh frank.. Yes

A:YES. it’s so weird

A:It’s already hot. Just one kiss

So is it cheating in your opinion?

J:No.. Hahaha

J:You totally see Sams butt in the episode

Unless he used a butt double

A:Just a wee joke

She could look happier

J:Oh so much naked later in the episode.. Hahahaha

He has nice muscles 🙂

A:Plunging my cock hahaha

J:Angus and the other guy are my fav

A:God he is hot when he talks

“Ethereal wind music”  (Thank You Closed Captioning)

J: Ha

A: Her boobs. It almost looks painful lol


Thy make them look so big but they are so tiny

A: I know!

Y ken

This is so awkward

J:Filming these scenes must have been more awkward!!! Lol

A:To bed…. Or to sleep?

Why is my heart like racing!?!


His hands are SO BIG



A:Well that was awkward

Polite smile lol

OMG. Did ye like it

J:Such a virgin!! Haha

A:Like horses LOL

J:Straight from the book

Most of it is straight from the book


I laughed out loud

J:That’s what I love about the show

its legit from the book..

Most everything is

A:I like his nightgown lol

What was the key to?

Could totally be a butt double but I refuse to believe it

J:I don’t know what the key was.. That wasn’t in the book

Or if it was I forgot..


J:He has a nice tushy

Butt double or not

A: Exactly


Tell Us! Do you text talk with your friends during your favorite shows?? 

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