Yesterday Veronica Roth answers the BIG question on her Tumblr page, “Are you working on anything?”  Of course her lengthy answer to a yes or no question (and cat GIF) is why we love her so much.

This is a tricky question that I get a lot. The truth is, I love to write and I feel weird and twitchy when I’m not doing it on a regular basis. So in the past three years, when I was waiting for notes from my editor, or when I was finished with a book and just waiting for it to come out, etc., I did work on fun projects every now and then. I still am working on some, so in a sense, the answer to this question is yes.tumblr_inline_muqiqsytca1qf39gk

But. I think sometimes the question hidden within the “are you working on anything?” question is “are you coming out with something new?” And the answer to that is no, that is definitely not the frame of mind that I’m in right now. Right now I am having fun exploring new ideas and characters and worlds, and I am not putting any deadlines or expectations on myself, and it feels really, really good.

I’ve been avoiding this topic because I like to manage people’s expectations, and I didn’t want people to get their hopes up about something new coming out anytime soon. I also have a policy of not sharing specifics about works-in-progress so that I can keep a safe space in my brain for creativity. I’ve found that telling people specifics about the things I’m playing around with makes me feel like I can’t take risks with my work because it’s like other people are watching my EVERY MOVE, and that’s not a good feeling, as you might imagine.


(In the interest of managing expectations, though: no, nothing I am working on is Divergent-related. I don’t currently have any plans to expand the Divergent series beyond the Four stories collection coming out in July.)

The reason I’m talking about this now is that I really miss blogging about writing. On my writing blog, I used to share what I was learning in the moment, from what I was working on at the time. This helped me to reflect on my work as well as to share with all of you on a more regular basis (and in a more personal way). So since I haven’t felt comfortable admitting that I was writing anything, I also haven’t been able to blog about what I was learning from it, and that kind of feels like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

(The baby being the writing blog and the bathwater being information about what I’m working on.)

(What a disturbing idiom.)

I want to start blogging again, so. To summarize.

1. Yes, I write often, and I am writing Fun Projects now!

2. And I intend to blog about writing more often right here on this Tumblr!

3. But no, I am not working on anything Divergent-related, and

4. No, I can’t talk specifically about what things I AM working on because they may amount to nothing. Sorry in advance for being vague and cryptic.

5. And I’m glad we had this chat.


Alas no more Divergent anytime soon, besides Four’s Short Stories, but I personally am excited to see what she has stirring around in that fantastic brain of hers!!

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