Earlier this month Jai Courtney spoke with ComingSoon.net about his upcoming role in Terminator: Genesis and a little bit about reprising the role of Eric in Insurgent.

ComingSoon.net: For Insurgent, does the arc of Eric coincide with the arc in the books?

Courtney: As in, “Do I die?” Yes. Yeah there’s no spoilers there ’cause it was already written in a different medium, so I’m happy to say that. It’s cool, we just wrapped on that the other week. That was actually a lot of fun, it was a lot of fun to go back and play a role a second time. It’s the first time I’ve done that. Yeah, it was cool, kind of like the way actors feel when they do TV and come back for another season. You’re comfortable, you’ve explored some ground with that, you’ve really got the character figured out and I guess things get written with that in mind now. You can see what worked and you know you’re cast. There’s just more room to have fun with it, and I think this film takes us out of that particular faction that we started with in the first one. It’s kind of on the road, like a big long chase sequence, the second book. It was fun to go back and play Eric again. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed being that cold and nasty. It’s good because he’s so dead. I wrestled with that originally, but that was a testament to Neil’s vision. You can throw different shades in there, but I was glad he pushed me to create the character the way he did ’cause it worked the second time around. It’s that subtle material, it’s quite fun to do stuff like that rather than make it so obvious.

Read the full interview HERE.

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