Last weekend was YallWest in Santa Monica, CA and we were there to see all the wonderful-ness! While there we sat down for a few minutes with All the Bright Places author Jennifer Niven. We chatted about Supernatural, ATBP, her new book Holding up the Universe and whether she prefers her toilet paper over or under. Check out the interview below and then enter our giveaway to win an autographed copy of All the Bright Places.. My favorite book of 2015!IMG_6336

We want to know what do you fangirl over besides Sam Winchester?

Oh my gosh, What a good question. I love One Direction. I just love them.

Do you like Zayn?

I do like Zayn, Harry’s my favorite but I do like Zayn, I’ve only listened to a couple of his songs so I’m reserving judgement.

Can we beg Harry to go solo?

Can we please? Because he would do so well, Like Forever. He will be the one who lasts I think.

So did you read After and did you like it? (by Anna Todd-Based on Harry Styles)

Yes. and Yes. Of course! You know I’ve always been like super “boy crazy” so anything with like cute boys… Chris Hemsworth… I fangirl over authors too. It’s so exciting to be here and even though these are people who are now my peers and I know them, There’s still always going to be a part of me that’s just pinching myself because they’re just such amazing people and I’ve been reading them for so long and suddenly here I am!

What’s your favorite thing going on in Supernatural this season?

Oh my gosh, I love, well the whole thing with the darkness is so crazy, and I love that Cass is possessed by Lucifer, The moment when I knew that was about to happen I was like this is going to be really, really interesting, so I love that they’ve done that. I think that’s fun for Misha Collins- it’s got to be, to be playing that different kind of roll.

So lets talk about All the Bright Places a little bit-One of the things I’m sure you hear a lot and that I love about the book is that it’s very “real”. Did you have concerns or were you nervous releasing a book that deals with mental illness and teen suicide (Spoilers!)?

Definitely. It was my first Young Adult book and even though I had written books before but I think I was so conscious of the fact that I was writing for this young adult audience and I know the great responsibility that carries-but I think at the end of the day I kept telling myself that whats most important is that your honest about everything and that’s especially important for young adult readers. So I just wrote it as honestly as I could. I had these worries at first about it and I was more self conscious but then once I started writing the story… I just wrote the story from my heart and it was you know based loosely on a boy that I knew and loved and our relationship. And so it’s a story I’ve carried around for a long time but I didn’t know if I would be able to write it.

Is it freeing to write that?

It is. It’s really freeing. It’s Hard. Because I’m a really private person so it’s tough to put yourself out there but I’m so glad that I did, and I just think that he of all people would be so touched by the response of readers who are just so grateful that they found the book because the book in some way helped them and that’s just the most meaningful thing of all.

Where did you come up with Wandering?

I came up with Wandering because I grew up in Indiana- like Violet and Finch- and I remember when I was in high school, the Indiana license plate changes every year, and one year in high school they had a “Wander Indiana” plate and it was like a tourism thing even though I’m like Indiana, really? Tourism? And everyone would say to us “Where’s Wander, Indiana?” because they thought that it was a city or a town, and we were like “No, No, you’re supposed to WANDER Indiana and see” So when I was thinking about this project that I knew they were going to do in their geography class, I started thinking about Wander Indiana and I was like Oh they wander it’s perfect!

Can you tell us anything about “Holding up the Universe”?

I can tell you… It comes out October 4th. I can tell you… it’s about a boy that can’t see faces or can’t recognize faces, and a very visible girl who feels invisible. Actually there is a cover reveal- the cover reveal is happening next week, next Thursday (May 5th), so THEN I can talk about it more- they’re going to have sample chapters and then I’m signing it for the first time, because they have the Advanced Reader Copies, in Chicago at Bookcon and BEA.

Okay so, It’s the Zombie Apocalypse,  you can take one celebrity with you. Who is it and Why? I feel like I already know this answer but…. go ahead.

Well. There are two I’m actually torn between. Jared Padalecki first of all because it’s Jared Padalecki and even if we were both killed I would die so happy because I would spend my last remaining moments with him, but I figured he would have picked some things up from playing Sam! And the other one is Norman Reedus, because I love Daryl on Walking Dead and I figure he seems like a badass anyway, so I figure he would be a good person to have around.


Instagram or Snapchat: Instagram although I’m snap chatting today and I’m liking it more and more

Beach or Mountains: Oh Gosh, Both. That’s why I’m here (Los Angeles)

Ebook or Physical book: Physical Book- Always

Call or Text: Text

Over or Under: Over

Coffee or Soda: Neither- Water

Puppies or Kittens: Kittens! I have 4 cats!

Thank you Jennifer for being SO lovely!atbp

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