Premiere Of 20th Century Fox's "Chasing Mavericks" - Arrivals

As we mentioned previously, Jonny Weston is one of the newer casting announcements for Insurgent.  The biggest question we are all wondering is “WHO IS EDGAR?”  Unfortunately we still don’t know.  Right now we can only answer one question for you “Is he single” has highlighted some things we must know about the up and comer.

He was asked if he’s single. The actor replied, “Yes! I’m aggressively on the lookout.”
He dished on what he looks for in a woman.
“I think that quirky, weird things are my favorite but if she’s not quirky and doesn’t goof around, it’s no fun,”

There you go ladies, be yourselves and let your freak flag fly and you can catch Jonny Weston’s eye!!  Check the full post HERE.

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