B9Ha7pNCIAAekcfJonny Weston sat down with PopSugar to discuss his upcoming film ‘Project Almanac‘ and his role of ‘Edgar‘ in Insurgent. Now we all know that this Edgar character is NOT in the books. We also know that Ben Lamb is not returning for his role of Edward in the Insurgent film. (SAD FACE) It seems as though Jonny auditioned for the role of Edward but claims that he was cast as a very different character. I still personally believe that he will be taking on Edwards role as the still we saw on Thursday very much looks like he is in Factionless. SO we shall see! Check out this interview belowhttp://www.movies.ie/movie_news/1201341/Oliver_Stones_Snowden_Biopic_Adds_Shailene_Woodley_Melissa_Leo_Zachary_Quinto_and_Tom_Wilkinson

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