We were pretty excited over here at #Ave for Jurassic World to come out last week. The Original Jurassic Park for me personally was special because it was the first PG-13 I saw in the theater. I think for any kid that grew up in the 90’s- Jurassic Park was the bomb and so most of us were really interested in this sequel.  If you hadn’t heard it also broke the all time opening weekend box office numbers. So that’s pretty huge!

Here are some of our thoughts on the movie:


I had some reservations- a sequel 20 years later? Can this even be good? The answer simply put was YES! I was happy that I didn’t read entirely too much about it so I was happy to learn things as the movie progressed. Yes it takes place on Isla Nublar- The ORIGINAL Island. Yes there is a new Theme Park, and yes things go terribly wrong.

While I did find the storyline SOMEWHAT predictable, it didn’t take away from my enjoyment factor. Chris Pratt made me love him even more if that is possible. Bryce Dallas Howard was great except how in the world did she run around the island in those heels straight for 2 days? I mean come on, Any real women would have ditched them pretty early on. The dinosaurs? Well they were fantastic.

The thing I REALLY loved was the nostalgia factor. There were some really nice little tid bits thrown in there from the Original movie that really drew it all together for me. Oh yeah… Chris Pratt is a raptor trainer. That’s just really bad ass! All in all, This movie was an A+ for me and I am totally going to see it again tonight. My kids (10 & 13) loved it as well as my dad!


Jurassic World – THIS. MOVIE. IS. AMAZING! It was everything anyone could ever hope for in a Jurassic Park movie. It’s also taught me that I can in fact own a pet raptor… If Chris Pratt comes along with it 😉 Seriously though, #JurassicWorld is exciting, beautiful, and also so stressful! My heart was beating 50 mph practically the whole time. The cast is amazing, Chris Pratt doesn’t disappoint and Bryce Dallas Howard is stunning as always. I was really pumped to see Nick Robinson, since he’s playing Ben Parish in the upcoming 5th Wave adaptation (a huge fave of mine), and he was also fantastic. I can’t wait to see this movie again and again, and you need to get to the theater ASAP to see it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five lovely stars for Jurassic World (and i’d give it more if I didn’t base these on a 1-5 scale system)

And because we all need a little Chris Pratt hip thrusting in our life:


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