According to MTV News and Variety, Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth will both star as love interests in the book-to-film adaptation of The Dressmaker (novel by Rosalie Ham). This will be quite the interesting twist, as the two actors are linked to the worlds of Divergent (Kate, who plays Jeanine Matthews) and The Hunger Games (Liam, who plays Gale Hawthorne)!

Winslet plays an avenging angel who returns home to the remote country town from which she fled as a child after being accused of murder, to make amends with her eccentric mother. Although ostracized, as an exponent of the most stunning 1950s haute couture inspired by Madame Vionnet and Balenciaga, she liberates and empowers the town’s women with her quick wit and beautiful clothing. She unexpectedly finds love and ultimately exacts sweet revenge on those who wronged her.

Moorhouse (“Proof,” “How to Make an American Quilt”), who directs her script adaptation of the eponymous novel by Rosalie Ham, said: “Kate Winslet is perfect for Tilly. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and deeply mysterious on screen. Judy Davis is amongst the great contemporary actresses and she will bring powerful wit and charm to the role of Molly. Liam Hemsworth is a laid back, genuine charmer who’s also tall, dark and movie-star handsome. He’ll create a character for the audience to fall in love with.

It’s a fair guess that Hemsworth will play Teddy McSwiney, the football star with secrets of his own who falls in love with Tilly (Winslet).

Filming is set to begin this Fall.

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