Is it November yet? New posters have been released featuring the rebel warriors of Distict 13 as well as “Our Leader the Mockingjay” Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and they are Bad. Ass. The rebels featured are: Gale (swoon!), Castor, Boggs, Cressida, Mesalla, and Polux. Check them out below! Mockingjay Part 1 releases November 21 2014! 

FIN02_Seashore_1Sht_Katniss_Tsr_VFFIN06_Seashore_1Sht_Rebels_Gale_VFFIN05_Seashore_1Sht_Rebels_Boggs_VF FIN05_Seashore_1Sht_Rebels_Cressida_VF FIN05_Seashore_1Sht_Rebels_Messalla_VF FIN05_Seashore_1Sht_Rebels_Pollux_VFFIN04_Seashore_1Sht_Rebels_Castor_VF

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