I had the opportunity to meet and interview Ben Lloyd-Hughes in July at San Diego Comic Con along with some of the other Dauntless initiates! He was definitely one of my favorites that we interviewed and I loved his chemistry with Miles Teller! If you missed that interview… click HERE to watch it! Recently, London Student sat down to interview Ben Lloyd-Hughes who is currently getting ready to star in London in the play Henry V with Jude Law! Check out some of the interview below!



Since graduating from Guildhall two years ago, Ben Lloyd-Hughes has been keeping pretty busy. He’s just finished working on Divergent with Kate Winslet, and he’s starring in Michael Grandage’s Henry V. He spoke to us about his love/hate relationship with Jude Law, his villainous face, and playing Ed Miliband.

So, Henry V – how are rehearsals?

They were great today. Lots of fight stuff, so lots of swords! In general,rehearsals are going pretty well. Have you spoken to anyone else from the show or am I…?

You are the first, last, and only person that I’m talking about this to, so please don’t lie.

[Laughs] So you’re getting the scoop from me?

Some might say the ‘Scroop’! Oh god. Anyway… you’re doubling up the characters of Scroop and Dauphin. What’s it like to be the man who hates Jude Law [Henry V] the most?

[Laughs] Very good! It’s hard, because I love Jude. Not just since rehearsals started, but for a long time. When I was at school, I had a bit of a crush on him, so it’s quite hard to play someone who…screw you! Scroop doesn’t hate him! He’s a traitor, but that doesn’t mean he hates

Click HERE to read the rest of the Interview!

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