Well the Holidays have quickly snuck up on us here at TrisandFour.com. In exactly one week we will be celebrating around the world with our various friends and family members the spirit of Christmas! We are aware that not everyone celebrates Christmas but in the spirit of good fun we decided to give all of our followers a little treat and say MERRY CHRISTMAS from us to you. And what better way to do that? #SantaFour of course!

Our Graphics Designer Chris (and husband extraordinare to April our site owner) was gracious enough to create this awesome little Christmas Card for us to share with you!! Please feel free to share it but make sure you source back to us and hashtag #SANTAFOUR!!!

We are SO very thankful for the support you have shown our site in the past 6 months and look forward to many many many new, fun and exciting adventures with you! We are thankful to Summit Entertainment for their amazing support and above all, Thank you to the creator of our wonderful series, Veronica Roth! You Rock! We apologize now in advance if news is somewhat slow the last couple weeks of the year as we will be spending the time with your friends and family over the holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The Staff at TrisandFour.com,

April, Jennifer, Melissa, Tanvi, Mandy, Ellie, Funmbi, Chris, Derek and Kristi 



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