As we get closer to the movie release, we get more and more interviews with our amazing cast! Now, we have two new interviews with Miles Teller– one on David Letterman, the other on The Mathew Blades Show, where he was joined by Divergent cast-mate Jai Courtney. The first discusses Miles’s career, including Divergent, and is a typical interview, though Miles is funny as ever. The second is a silly interview. You are definitely going to want to check both out.

David Letterman:)

Mathew Blades Show:)

Miles Teller really makes it hard to hate Peter, doesn’t he? I love every interview I see with him, whether he is discussing Divergent or one of his many other big recent movies. He makes me nervous that I will never dislike Peter the same way again, and that would just be sad. I like hating Peter.

Does Miles make it hard for you to hate Peter? Does he just add to love you already had for Peter? What did you think of these interviews? Let us know in the comments!


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