According to Up and Comers, Miles Teller is slated to play Dan Akroyd in an upcoming biopic about comedian John Belushi. Check out the article below!


It’s been a big couple of days for Miles Teller. His new film “Whiplash”just earned raves and a $3 million distribution deal at Sundance, and now he’s lined up his next role. THR reports that Emile Hirsch announced tonight in Park City that Teller will be joining him in Steve Conrad’s new biopic about comedian John Belushi.

Hirsch is playing Belushi, an alum of “Saturday Night Live” who starred in“Animal House” and “The Blues Brothers,” was one of the biggest comedy stars of the 1980s who ultimately died of a drug overdose at the Chateau Marmont at the age of 33, in another all-too-familiar tragic story of fame getting the best of young stars. Conrad’s film, which has the approval of Belushi’s widow Judy Pisano and will see Belushi’s best friend and fellow iconic comedian Dan Akroyd as an executive producer, will focus on the height of Belushi’s fame and tell the story of “a man that embodied both the glory and the tragedy of the American dream.” Teller will play Akroyd in the film.

Teller was one of our Breakout Stars of 2013 with his breakout role in last year’s Sundance winner “The Spectacular Now,” but is looking to have a pretty big 2014 as well. This month he stars opposite Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan in rom com “That Awkward Moment” and in March he reunites with “Spectacular Now” co-star Shailene Woodley in YA franchise hopeful “Divergent.” Then there’s“Whiplash” waiting to be released and he may be one of Josh Trank’s new “Fantastic Four” as well.



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