Some Divergent Fans were upset today when the beautiful and equally talented Naomi Watts was cast as “Evelyn Eaton” in the Divergent sequel, Insurgent. People are saying she’s too young and too pretty to play the factionless leader, Evelyn. Aka Four’s Mom. SPOILER! I feel like this is such a silly thing to be complaining about and I need to tell you why!

First of all: Evelyn is supposed to be pretty… Tired and Worn, but pretty. I mean she created Tobias. He is 1/2 her and it is talked about plenty how they resemble each other. So she has to be at least somewhat good looking right? IMG_5740 copy

Second: ‘ve seen people complain about her age. Guys… She is 45! Granted, she would have had to of been 16 to have Theo James… BUT Theo is playing a 25 year old. Ray Stevenson (Marcus Eaton and Four’s Daddy) is 50… 5 years older than Naomi. Seems pretty good to me. (Granted my husband is 5 years older than me) So technically there is nothing wrong with the age difference here.

Third: Have you guys seen what they did to Julianne Moore to play president Coin in Mockingjay Part 1 & 2? If not. Let me refresh your memory: mockingjay-julianne-moore-01


Oh and this is what she NORMALLY looks like: julianne

Have you seen Naomi dressed up to play Princess Diana? Looks a heck of a lot older doesn’t she? diana

So WHY are fans always so outraged when actors are cast. Why can’t we trust that the casting directors KNOW what they are doing? Does anyone remember the UPROAR when Robert Pattinson was cast as Edward Cullen? Why can’t fans rely on the fact that Naomi is a fantastic actor and will rock this role of Evelyn? People were upset when Theo was cast as Four and did he not prove everyone wrong? Have I also mentioned she has been nominated twice for an Oscar? This is a win/win situation for everyone and I for one am THRILLED to see Naomi joining the cast of Insurgent!

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