I generally like most anything that Nicole Williams writes and this series has been no exception! I gave “Near & Far” a 4 star rating on Good Reads. The story in this book was semi predictable, and while I could guess what was going to happen, I still enjoyed reading it. Rowen and Jesse are two very likeable characters. I was a bit disappointed when I finished realized the next book was about Garth Black. I bought the book but decided to put it on hold for a while. I really just want to know what happens with Rowen and Jesse!

Random Thought: I’ve never heard of a Donut shop staying open until Midnight or so? Rowen would get off work at 2am from working at… a Donut Shop? Oddest hours. I mean they did carry some pretty trendy donuts such as a Maple Bacon Bar. But I felt like this was just very inaccurate. Can someone prove me wrong?

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