Sense8 has quickly become a Netflix original series phenomenon and a favorite across the globe, and that includes us here at Hashtag Avenue! So we were crazy happy when they announced season 2. Because, if you’ve seen the show, that ending was the kind of cliff hanger that keeps you up at night.

This video is too cute for words. And the announcement for season 2 was one fans had to wait entirely too long for. According to The verge:

The promising new show went an unusually long time between its premiere on Netflix and the announcement that a second season was on the way. Most Netflix original series get renewed or cancelled soon after their first release — the longest wait has typically been around a month. But Sense8 came out over two months ago.

But it’s happened, we have official confirmation, and we can all breathe a little easier. And according to the same article on The Verge, Straczynski and the Wachowskis had designed the show around a 5 season story arc! I don’t want to get too excited, but That would be truly amazing!  Did you know, someone we all know and love shares our Sense8 feelings? Think about who while you watch this BTS clip from season 1, and I’ll tell you who on the other side.

Do you remember who’s Sense8 tweets you’ve been seeing these past couple weeks? Yep, our fave author: Veronica Roth. She loves Sense8 as much as we do and I didn’t think I could love her more, but her fangirl tweets about the show are adorable.

I hope she continues to tweet. And I hope you all share in the Sense8 goodness with us! If you haven’t watched it yet you can binge all of season 1 on Netflix right now. It’s easy, I’ve done it 3 times already (no judging).


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