In a new article from Splash Chicago, Christian Madsen talks about getting the role of Al in Divergent, some of the fun he had while filming in Chicago, as well as his acting career and lessons he learned from his Dad (actor Michael Madsen):

On the “Divergent” set, Madsen instantly found common ground with his character. “I think I can relate to [Al’s] shyness,” he says. “I’ve been Al in high school, yearning to be accepted and going after the girl who didn’t like me.”

As for which faction Madsen himself fits into? “I think I would go Erudite, because I want to seek more knowledge. I read a lot, so I would connect with that group. But I think of how much fun we had on set and all the training we did, and I think that I would at least attempt to be Dauntless,” he says. He pauses, then jokes, “I think on day two I would miss the train jump, [fail the test] and just go factionless.”

That’s one thing about Madsen: Despite his legendary family and brooding looks, he’s playful, quick to laugh and crack jokes. In fact, his affability was integral to the“Divergent” cast’s bonding. “Week two, Zoë [Kravitz] got us all tickets to see Erykah Badu. I remember that was still the week when everyone was trying to get to know each other,” Madsen says. “Everyone let go of all the ego, just dancing and having a good time.”

Make sure to read the rest of the article here, and check out the awesome photos from the shoot below!

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