In a new interview with SheKnows.com, Zoe Kravitz talks about how excited she is to be part of Divergent as well as some behind-the-scenes details!

On Divergent:

“I think it’s a really awesome story, and I think it’s really nice to see something that’s made for young adults that is empowering and encouraging and complex.”

She also discusses working with Theo James:

“Theo’s like my brother…He’s very, very funny, which I think is funny that people don’t really know because he’s so serious in the movie — total heartthrob. But he’s just very funny and very kind and very approachable.”

In addition, Zoe shares details about an injury she got on-set during the last day of filming and how Theo came to her rescue:

“I’m sitting there and all of a sudden, I’m like, ‘Hey! (makes crashing noise) And the door just slams closed on my face, and I just feel blood start coming down.”

“Theo [James], being like the gentleman that he is” come to her rescue. After making her lie down and put ice on the wound, he broke the silence. “He was like, ‘Do you want to see it, or do you not want to see it?'” she said, imitating his voice. “‘It’s not that bad, but it’s kind of bad.'” The whole debacle ended with a trip to the hospital, where Kravitz got eight stitches across her nose.

YIKES, we’re glad she’s OK! Make sure to check out the rest of the video interview here!


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