Buzzsugar was able to peek at a few Divergent scenes and talk with director Neil Burger.  They talked Sexual tension, casting Theo and answers the big question that fans of the book want to hear about, “How does the movie compare to the book?”  I think his answer is perfect without giving too much away.

Is there more or less romance in the movie than there is in the book?
NB: I think it’s similar to the book, but I think what you have is an atmosphere of sexual tension throughout the movie. There’s the romance that’s the kissing and the giving in; then there’s the cat and mouse, the dance leading up to it. That’s what there is a lot of. The movie is incredibly romantic in that way. It has this quality of romance, because they are eyeing each other and tiptoeing around each other each in their different way. There is this palpable attraction and friction and electricity between them in the while movie.

For the full interview click HERE.  They also talk about the comparison that all YA book to movie adaptations get.

If you want to get a peek at a NEW scene check it out HERE 


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