You know we love the Divergent series, but like many fellow Initiates, the ending of Allegiant with Tris’ death was incredibly difficult to read. And,to be honest, we have to admit that it’s a bit scary/nerve-wracking to imagine watching our darling Shailene Woodley portray those scenes on the big-screen. Even thinking about Theo James acting out Four’s reaction is enough to bring on the feels.

Well, according to a new post from Design & Trend, some Divergent fans are getting active in pursuing some change:

It seems fans of the “Divergent” series starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James petitioning Lionsgate and the book’s author Veronica Roth to have an official version for the big screen (if they must) and an alternate version in the DVD extras.

Interesting…so even though the official film version might match Veronica Roth’s original ending from the book, fans are asking that we have the opportunity to see a different Four/Tris HEA as a dvd/Blu-ray bonus feature.

As of today, the petition has 243 supporters. What do you think? Is this a petition you would consider signing?

Allegiant: Part 2 is set to premiere on March 24, 2017, so we still have a ways to go. While it’s interesting to think about seeing an alternative ending in the film version of the Divergent series, something has to be said for staying true to the book and the original intentions of the author.

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5 thoughts on “New Petition to Change Allegiant’s Movie Ending? Sound Off Now!

  1. I only started reading the books recently after watching the movie and found myself captivated by the whole storyline and complex characters. I couldn’t put ‘Insurgent’ down, spending an entire day reading it, and like it the most out of the three……….the next day I started on ‘Allegiant’ and soon felt like I was in an entirely different world. Nothing made much sense any more, the characters became unrecognisable (loosing all my respect for Four), the storylines stalled which seemed like forever and to be perfectly honest, the ending was very fitting for all the nonsense that was going on. I was so very disappointed with ‘Allegiant’ and that’s in no reference to Tris’ death.

    In the end all I saw was a very young girl who wanted to be in the arms of her mummy, going in complete opposite to the strong, free-willed character Tris was built up to be, while the tough yet warm hearted dauntless Instructor became an insecure, feeling overwhelmed, fool. I felt I was reading a totally different book about completely different people.

    I have no problem with Tris dying, though out of sheer curiousity I would have liked to see her ‘cope’ with peace life, the quieter moments but the way it was done was very very poor. Love is worth sacrificing yourself for, yes, but at this stage it was highly unbelievable to think Tris (who wanted to live so badly) would do it for her spineless brother. For Tobias, yes, no doubt, for her best friend Christina even, perhaps…….. but not for Caleb.

    If family bond and siblings love was meant to be the empowering message here, it came across poorly.

    I would have loved to read a generally better storyline in ‘Allegiant’ with perhaps a grieving Tobias, knowing that Tris sacrificed herself for him in some purposeful move to show him her ultimate love for HIM, not Caleb, who nobody liked nor identified with, not even Tris herself. It was all very unbelievable.

    Same goes for Four, seemed Tris wasn’t so important to him any more in the end when he busy’s himself chasing after some sort of parent figure, like a little lost boy, not a fully grown, independent dauntless instructor.

    If it wasn’t for the violence of people falling dead all around them, if you take that away, ‘Allegiant’ read like a story about two young kids looking for their mummy & daddy, one in death, one in life.
    I will be signing the petition.

  2. The ending of allegiant is great and separates it from other books where everything works out perfectly but I would love to have an extra or permanent ending in the movie that is different. It wouldn’t change what we read in the book. I think changing the ending would be really interesting and give us more to think about and there is definitely a way that they could give us the alternate happiness. 🙂

  3. The movie is an adaptation. It’s based on the book. It is not a re-creation of the book. I’m always surprised when I see comments about how that is the only way Allegiant could have ended. I don’t see that at all. There are a whole lot of options in between killing off the main character and a generic happily ever after. And, the ending is not the only problem I had with Allegiant. I had many others. I liked movie Divergent better than book Divergent. I loved the changes that were made. Although I don’t know that I would sign the Allegiant petition, I am all for a different ending and am hoping for many other changes as well. 🙂

    1. Im not sayin its bad cause its not like the book im saying its bad, because the ending of allegiant is amazing! Just because you get sad and want you’re unrealistic epilogue where everyone gets married and has kids, doesn’t mean an ending is bad. Im always disgusted when i see comments that say they had a problem with the end of allegiant but don’t say why

  4. I would NEVER sign it!!!! Sure if it’s in the dvd, thats fine, i’ll be okay with it, it’ll be just extra content, even though it’ll be useless extra content… this is the way it should end and should’ve from the beginning!!!!!! The end was brilliant!!!! This is what divergent is about, if you don’t want a dark, deep, thought provoking, violent, raw-realistic dystopian series, go watch cartoon network!!!!!! Do you ever see an alternate red wedding scene? No!!!! (sorry for all the exclamation marks, i sorta only do them if its gonna be 4 or 6)

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