Initiates, we’re only FIVE days away from being about to take FOUR home with us! To help us make it through the wait, check out this new teaser quote from Four: A Divergent Collection that InStyle released earlier today:


That sounds like our Four–a lover and a fighter 😉

In a brief interview with InStyle, Veronica Roth also gives a few more details about what the book has in store for us:

Each story in the new book will take a closer look at Four’s backstory. “The whole idea of him choosing Dauntless in order to escape his father, which seems almost like the opposite of what Dauntless would value, became really interesting to me,” author, Veronica Roth, told “So when I got the opportunity to write it, I was all about it.”

Roth also gave us a hint about what to expect from the new release. “The last story is the longest and overlaps a lot with Divergent,” she said. “Some of the favorite scenes from the whole series are in there from his point of view, so I think that’s going to be really great for readers.”

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