Last week the nominations for this year’s Academy Awards were announced. The program will be airing a little over a month from now on February 28th 2016. I love award shows. Love, love love! I’ve been consistently listening to the Oscar predictions to/from work everyday on my favorite Sirius Entertainment Weekly news channel. While one of the topics has been how predominantly “white” the Oscar nominations were are this year, (I’m not here to debate THAT today), the other has been Jennifer Lawrence.

Once again Jennifer Lawrence is nominated for Best Actress for her work in “Joy”. Does this performance warrant an Oscar? I don’t know, but some people are saying no. According to SBD, while this is Jennifer’s 4th nom, her chances of taking it home this year are slim. I personally haven’t seen Joy… There has been absolutely nothing in the previews etc that have made me even remotely interested in it, even though I love JLaw. Point in case, this clip that was released after her Golden Globes win:

Okay… cool?  Personally I will be watching to see which Dior number Jennifer will be rocking and look forward to more awesome photobombs.

 And of course to see if Colton Haynes will be dressing up!tumblr_o0c192SlVg1twyxwto1_500

What do you guys think? Will JLaw be taking the Oscar home this year?

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