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Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, and Dan Miller

I am going to admit… I was a HUGE fan of “O-Town” when they were on the FIRST season of “Making the Band” in 2000 on ABC (YES this dates me!).  I even remember the drama with original member Ikaika (Google it) who was later replaced by cutie Dan Miller. Now the guys are back with their first single in over 10 years… but they are missing a KEY member of the group… Ashley Parker Angel! Cue sad face….

The new single is called “SkyDive” and isn’t half bad if you are into the early 2000’s boy band sound. Their first album since 2002 drops on August 3 and is called “Lines and Circles”.  Listen to the “SkyDive” below:
I think I would be more excited about this if there was going to be a new season of Making the Band! What do you guys think?



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