Be honest–how many times have you watched the first episode of Outlander??? I’ve been watching on repeat since STARZ made the premiere episode available on their YouTube channel at midnight! (BTW: It’s also available via On Demand,, and the STARZ Play app.)

One of the things I love most about this series is the beautiful music, especially the song playing during the opening credits. If you haven’t paid attention to the theme song, check out the video below and give it a listen:


Just gorgeous–right?! Composer Bear McCreary created the music for Outlander and this song, the Skye Boat Song featuring Raya Yarbrough, is now available for download at the iTunes Store! Make sure to grab your copy, and you’ll be able to take a piece of the Scottish highlands with you when you’re not binge-watching the series!

 And as  a little treat, check out this exclusive video of Bear and Raya performing the Skye Boat Song live during the Outlander World Premiere in San Diego last week:

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0 thoughts on “Outlander Theme Song Now Available on iTunes! + Exclusive Video of Theme Song from SDCC

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  2. where can i get the words to the outlander theme song? i can’t understand all the words and wish to learn them….so beautiful..abd don’t tell me to watch repeats and listen…i watch each episode like 7 or 8 times…lol have read all the books ages ago….and i love the song in the opening credits and would just like to know all the words…thank you…