So I’ve played P.T., also known as “Playable Teaser” for the newest game in the Silent Hill franchise, twice now. I want to start off by saying that there is so much going on in this teaser that I would have to go on for hours, plus I don’t want to tell you everything because I urge you to play it if you can. If you don’t have access to a PS4, however, I will be including a video at the end of someone playing the game in its entirety. Also, I’m a huge Silent Hill fangirl, and my husband (who played the game with me both times) is a huge Hideo Kojima fanboy. So we both loved this demo.

Before I start my review on the game I wanted to give you a little back story on both Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima, just so you could get a little look as to what it is we’re dealing with.

silenthill1coverFirst up, Silent Hill:

There are 9 games in the main Silent Hill franchise, including this new one not yet released. The first one, aptly named Silent Hill, was released in 1999 for the first Playstation. Following that we had Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Silent Hill: Downpour, and now the upcoming Silent Hills. (Silent Hill 2 is the best in my mind, and it’s won multiple awards)

These are psychological survival horror games that are the stuff made of nightmares. I’m not one to get scared by movies and/or video games but the Silent Hill franchise has always left me a bit creeped out. Silent Hill is a town that has some serious issues. Each game has a different story line, but they all have the same feel. Creepy surroundings with unusual monsters and dark religious undertones. You may have never played the games, but you might have seen the films. Silent Hill (2006) and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) were big hits at the box office and they capture the essence of what Silent Hill is very well.

KKojimaBFinalNext up. Hideo Kojima:

Kojima has created the ever so popular gaming franchise Metal Gears Solid. Within this series he has made these games so they are nearly impossible to beat unless you try literally everything you can think of or you look it up online. For example, in Metal Gear Solid when fighting the boss Psycho Mantis the only way you can beat him is to unplug your controller and plug it into port 2… what? Yeah, I’m not lying. The character has telekinetic powers and can read your mind, so in order to get him out of your head you have to physically switch controller ports. Kojima is an insane genius. This isn’t the only crazy thing he’s ever put in a game either. There is a boss, The End, in Metal Gear Solid 3 that you can defeat by saving your game and not playing it for a whole week. Doing this will cause the boss to die of old age.

So it was pretty safe to assume that when we saw Hideo Kojima’s name in association with P.T. we knew it was going to be a complete mind bending experience. And he’s using his stunning Fox Engine to create the game. Even if this game is terrible it will still be a masterpiece. It looks beautiful and the sound is phenomenal. I may invest in a surround sound system before release!

Before I get to the game I don’t want to leave out Guillermo del Toro who is a master director/producer/writer. He’s also attached to this game and that is extremely exciting. He has created some of the most beautiful horror-esque movies, as well as other genres, that aren’t your typical horror but rather they are the kind of horror films that get into your head. For example: The Orphanage (2007), Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), Mama (2013), and I could go on.

So what do we have? A Silent Hill game being created by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro… oh and have I mentioned that Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints) is not only voicing the main character, but he’s modeled the character as well. All that spells a recipe for perfection in my gamer eyes. Now if only there was a release date.


So now let’s talk about this playable teaser.

P.T. has created an uproar across the gaming community and by some it’s being deemed “impossible to beat”. You can search and read and watch vids for hours but you are never going to find a walkthrough that will 100% work for you, or you just might… that’s the thing about this demo, it is so insanely random that you just don’t know what’s going to happen.

You start off in this room, just a room with nothing special about it other than some nasty cockroaches scurrying about. If you have a serious cockroach phobia I would not suggest you play this, because they are everywhere. Once you leave the room you’re in the main area that the entire game takes place in. One L-shaped hallways that is constantly repeating itself, but the surroundings are subtly changing each time. There are things so little that you may have to get online and find a walk through to figure out how to complete them. The first major stumped area we came to was during one of the loops when in order to get some sort of progression you have to walk to the area with the telephone and on the wall the word “HELLO” is written, then you walk down to hall by the front door and you’ll see an “E” has appeared on the wall. When you go back to the telephone wall it just says “HLLO”. You repeat the task of walking back and forth until the full word “HELLO” is on the wall by the front door. How someone figured that one out I have no clue, but I’m glad they did because there is no way I would’ve figured it out. My point is that it’s little things like that that are frustrating so many gamers, but at the same time we’re all loving this game. It’s like my fangirl masochistic theaory. We have something that we absolutely love so much, despite the frustrations and sadness it make bring us (my example is always The Fault in Our Stars. Why do we willingly put ourselves through that pain? Humans are weird.)

The truly frustrating moment is the last loop. Every loop before hand is pretty definitive. You do this and this will happen, but in the last loop there is absolutely nothing definitive about it. Some people have solved it using the microphone attachment on the controller and attempted to talk with the womanly ghost Lisa. Some have methodically counted steps and created patterns they needed to walk to get the creepy baby laugh. Some have just had their game on pause for a long time while they tried to find ways online to beat the game and all of the sudden BOOM baby laugh while on pause. Someone has even gone through such great lengths to decipher that you need to say the name Jareth (no not the Goblin King) into your microphone. How did they come up with the name Jareth? Watch the video HERE because it’s just too mind boggling. That’s the thing, it’s so random. What’s not random is this, in order to beat the final loop you need to know three things: that baby has got to laugh 3 times for you, after the second baby giggle your controller will vibrate and I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not touch any buttons or even move, stand perfectly still until you hear that third baby laugh to trigger the phone, then the last thing is answer the phone then walk through the same door you’ve walked through so many times in however long it took you to beat this demo: win. Congrats you have “won” the game. Your prize? The trailer for Silent Hills:

I hope you have access to a PS4 and the PSN so that you can download P.T. for free. But if not then check out MrKravin’s walkthrough or just search for it on YouTube cause there are actually some pretty hilarious ones as well as ones with no commentary.

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