Lionsgate is acquiring military style vehicles from private owners for Insurgent! This means we are that much closer to Insurgent filming! The article states that they are “currently filming in Georgia” but we haven’t heard anything to confirm this! These vehicles are pretty bad ass though, no?


This is a 14-ton Caiman Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle from the Military Museum of Brazoria County.

The armor-plated giant is normally used as a troop carrier by U.S. forces and is designed to withstand attacks from improvised explosive devices.

Once painted desert-tan and sparsely equipped, the vehicle has now been overhauled and with its new blue/grey exterior and will appear as a Dauntless attack vehicle in the Divergent sequel Insurgent, filming now in Georgia.

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“It was sent to one of the two top companies in the world for building movie cars,” museum director Justin Wehring told The Facts. “This all moved very quickly … I received a phone call from Lionsgate last week.”

Since then, the Caiman has been sent off to California for its makeover, then brought back to Texas, and loaded up right away for a journey to Georgia.

Wehring told the Facts that the Brazoria County behemoth is one of only a few that producers could choose from.

“They were trying to find all these that they could,” Wehring said. “There’s only about three in private inventory. It’s such a radical change, the military wouldn’t support the use of their hardware.”

Despite its heavy-loaded appearance, the Caiman has 85 % commonality with a normal truck, one of the reasons why it was selected for use by the U.S. Marines, according to Military Today.

That functionality perhaps led producers to select it for the six-week run of filming. The vehicle also “has a simple and reliable automotive design and is easily serviced” say Military Today.

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