A few day’s ago we showed you some low quality pictures of Shailene and Theo from the March issue of In Style Magazine. Now we have some HQ scan’s plus we transcribed their short interview! In it Theo talks about pranking Shailene by pulling down her pants on set!  Check it out!



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He Said, She Said


Despite the fact that their stars are rapidly ascending, Shailene Woodley and Theo James, of this months sci-fi film Divergent, are more low-key than high-profile. Woodley, who earned a Golden Globe nomination for The Descendants, uses beets as a lip stain, and James (Downton Abbey, Underwold: Awakening) drives a vintage MGB-GT that “breaks down all the time,” he says. While in London (sipping green tea with Woodley, having been with James) we learned more. 


In Divergent you both play outsiders fighting to survive in a conformist society. Do you ever feel like outsiders in Hollywood? 


SW: Not when I’m being true to myself. Like wearing what I want, not that someone puts me in.


TJ: Maybe when I’m at a big party and no one knows who I am.


That won’t be a problem after this movie. In in your characters are in constant peril. Did you manage to goof off on set? 


SW: Theo is fun, and his jokes are all very crude, which I really responded to.


TJ: I pulled Shai’s pants down during one of the action sequences.


How tough were the action scenes? 


SW: The fight choreography was scary. I have scars.


TJ: One time I had seven rapid moves and cut this guy’s lip— he needed 25 stitches. I still feel guilty.

What can we expect on the red carpet from you two? 


SW: My style is about earth tones, so I’ll be in browns or greens or black.


TJ: Men have it so much easier. We don’t get hassled as long as we’re not wearing a clown suit


-William Lee Adams

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