SOURCE/CREDIT: Lionsgate/Andrew Cooper

Initiates, do you remember a week ago when we got the first official The Divergent Series: Insurgent movie still and the official Divergent Movie Series twitter told us to brace ourselves for December 12? Well, they were right to give us that warning! Here we are and, already, this day is shaping up to be an EPIC one for us Initiates.

We’re still reeling from the amazing official trailer we got this morning along with the gravity-defying new film poster. And Lionsgate/Summit just keeps the goodies coming–they’ve released the five official movie stills we got over the last week in HQ and without watermarks. Check them out below:

We’re definitely getting more and more excited for March 2015! We’ll be posting our own reactions soon, but make sure to let us know in comments what you think of the new trailer, poster, and movie stills.


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One thought on “PHOTOS: Insurgent Movie Stills Now Available in HQ!

  1. I love the Divergent series!!! Never been so excited about it!!! My sister had a huge Divergent party with her 2 best friends and they could not stoop squealing about it. I told my parents I would not get that addicted to it but I think that I might have lied to them OOPS ): Oh well you can not help it! BE BRAVE – TOBIAS EATON

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