We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve been watching the new Insurgent footage and behind-the-scenes cast interviews (ON REPEAT) all weekend long! As March 20, 2015 gets closer, we can probably continue to expect even more goodies, and we have something pretty great to share today!

Yesterday, International Official Divergent Facebook accounts, like DivergentNorge and Jaguar Film International Distribution (JFID) released four new, exclusive stills from The Divergent Series: Insurgent. These images (which you can see below) feature a gun-wielding Uriah, Tris and Four being held at Candor Headquarters, Evelyn and Edgar, and Tris saving Christina from falling:


Throughout this month, the official twitter account for the Divergent film series has also released some great stills of Four, Peter, and Tris, as well as an awesome group shot of Marlene, Hector, and Lynn leading Dauntless soldiers:


Everyone looks so great! Which one of the new stills is your favorite?

Many thanks to our friends at FYeah Theo James for the heads-up!



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