We got an exciting new Divergent still today from Summit! A picture of the Dauntless Initiate Scoreboard! From Summit:

So many of you noticed something familiar about the names on the Dauntless initiates scoreboard – and well, it’s because it was you! We worked with Neil Burger during post-production and were able to get 10 of you featured on the board.
How awesome is that? Myself (April) along with 9 other site owners became Dauntless Initiates! I made it and am not facitonless! Yes! (In reality I wouldn’t have made it off the Train!) Some other names from other sites are: Kimmy (Page to Premiere) Paulina (I am Divergent) Erin ( Fangirlish) Andrew (Hypable) Nikki (That’s Normal) Alison (Divergent Fans) Meg (Divergent Lexicon) & Sarah (Forever Young Adult). Thanks again to Summit and Neil for including us… it was Epic to see it on the big screen! And thank YOU guys for all your support. I LOVE providing you guys with the latest news about Divergent and your Actors!
Don’t forget to #VOTETRIS for the Mtv Movie Award’s Favorite Character! Keep Tris in the Lead!


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