Well It’s finally here! The long anticipated Official Divergent Movie Trailer! Was it everything you had hoped it would be? What were your favorite parts?

Here are a couple of mine that I fangirled over on Friday when I got to sneak a peek at it! Let me just break it down for you…

I particularly liked her conversation with her Mother about whether SHE was nervous for her aptitude test! If you have read Allegiant, You will see the foreshadowing in this. (Sorry is that’s Spoilery!). Cutting her hair is exactly how I imagined with the mirror in the wall.

DYSTOPIAN CHICAGO!! Fantastic!! Love the abandoned boat and the distressed buildings!

Tris watching the Dauntless born jump off the train on the way to “school” or the apptitude test I’m guessing they are going to make it.

Some small differences- Caleb and Tris going into the test at the same time. I can live with that. The Dialogue with Tori is okay… Nothing too exciting. Just necessary information.

I love Tris’ fear landscape. In the trailer they make it seem like it is actually her Aptitude test with Tori, but judging by the dauntless clothes she is wearing, I think they just chose to show her fear landscape here because it’s a more powerful scene, and it show’s quite clearly that she can manipulate the serum’s! I LOVE when her reflection is talking to her saying “This isn’t real” and then she taps on the glass! Perfect!

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.32.37 AM


Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.33.03 AM

Love the Tris and Four chemistry ALREADY… “Keep Tension HERE”… Slight touch on the stomach… Pretty sure my stomach would go to jelly… No Tension.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.33.33 AM

Knives= Perfect. Four is Fierce

Tori giving Tris her Tattoo’s warning her about choosing Dauntless “They’ll find out about you”

FAVORITE PART: Four trust’s Tris…. “I don’t want to be just one thing, I want to be Brave, and Selfless, and Intelligent, and Honest AND Kind.” Yes. Straight from the book. The lighting is much better in this scene than what we originally saw too.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.34.01 AM

Yes Four… I WILL Follow you… It’s not a question!

LITTLE Pet Peeve that keep’s throwing me off: The Dauntless invasion on Abnegation is during the day… not at night. I’m sure it was better for filming and it’s not a HUGE issue… It just throws me off a bit.

HOLY HOT KISS ON A ROOF!?? Is she wearing Four’s SHIRT!? AAAAHHHH! I don’t know but their chemistry is off the charts!

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.34.10 AM

AND BOOM…. Ziplining!! Still bummed we won’t see Uriah in this part, but glad they aren’t changing it completely!

SOOO What did you think!? I personally was very very pleased… along with the other girls here at Tris and Four! Send us your Reactions and we will post them!! TrisandFourStaff at gmail dot com!



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