On Thursday, Lionsgate treated us to a HUGE Insurgent cast member still release with some of the best Fan sites around! Then Yesterday, During Fandom Friday, They released 3 more stills of Tris, Four and Jeanine! Check them all out below and thanks to all the fansites that helped debut these pictures! B9Lo-jfCAAEt8KB B9LoD8ACYAEEbv2 B9LmrF0CcAA4UNv B9GdI4zIAAAzhQIB9GWnaBIQAABd2IB9Gj_haCYAAQJFM B9GyG0sCEAAhuhN B9Gq5aSCcAEtuBv B9Ej1KCCMAAkgjr B9G_fvSCUAA8IkE B9HNMY0CIAAtRId B9Ha7pNCIAAekcf B9Hip7ECcAAJ2WR B9HvkdaCUAAcHYz B9How66CYAEz5qk anselelgort I_D020_07855_R


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