Friends, today I have stumbled upon one of the coolest things I have ever seen. This isn’t just some gimmicky phone case that that will boost your battery, give you a fish eye lens, or make your phone indestructible. No this is a case that will PRINT your pictures with the press of a button! I know, I know… my jaw dropped too, but I’m dead serious. The idea of the Polaroid photo has been making a comeback for awhile now, with the Fuji Instax 8 becoming a trendy thing to have, but now we have Prynt and I am so excited about it. This is Prynt:

Cool right?! They have a Kickstarter right now, that has been very successful, and I can totally understand why! My only regret about this is that I didn’t find it sooner. The case itself will cost $99.00 and then $5.00 for a 10 pack of printing paper. There were two earl bird backer options that would’ve been amazing to get it on, but they are all gone. So if you want to donate to the Kickstarter, and receive a Prynt case, you’ll have to give the full $99.00 and wait for the second shipment. And even that one is going quick! Personally I think the Prynt Flare option is the best. It’s $129.00 and you get the Prynt case, 30 sheets of paper, a mention in their Hall of Framed, and a cute Prynt T-Shirt. I’ve stumbled upon a ton of Kickstarters, and this is by far the coolest one yet. Sign me up for a blue one please!


Back it today and get your Prynt by October 2015. Find the Kickstarter HERE


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