tumblr_o4cu7b31wk1uibj0jo1_500I know what you are thinking, Isn’t this the site that was talking a bunch of smack after the Allegiant trailer came out? Yep. It is. But It ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Seriously. As of last Monday, I was only going to the screening I saw of Allegiant because I didn’t want to pay for it. I was worried. SO many things looked different… but after seeing it; I’m not too proud to say that I take back 98% of what I said. Not only will I go pay to see it… I will pay multiple times and probably drag my husband along too.

I’m not going to sugar coat it- It IS different from the book. Very different in fact. But I am 100% okay with this fact. Why? Because it was all believable and dare I say it- maybe better then the book. I seem to recall October 2014 when Allegiant came out and ALL the negative reviews I read. I fiercely defended one of my favorite series and authors. Even though I too was disappointed in the final installment of this series. nouvelles-stills-allegiant-partie-1-L-M2p4Ew


I believe Lionsgate was able to take a book that no one had anything good to say about- and turn it into an awesome movie- both in it’s storytelling and visual dynamics. Some of the things I had major issues with, (Why does it look like Mars, Why is Four not afraid of heights, WHY IS IT SO DIFFERENT, at least keep the continuities of the movies!) are explained very well. Some of the effects that I thought looked super cheesy in the trailer (wall climbing to name one) don’t seem so in the whole context of the scene. Things still happen that ARE part of the book. SPOILERS AHEAD:

Tori dies, I’m really glad they kept that. David is a dick. But the most exciting thing about it? This world- OUR World of Dystopian Chicago and Factions and Serums and Genetically Pure Tris gets MORE story. More awesome story! Caleb still runs AWFULLY Bad. If only you could see him bite it as he goes up the wall. Oh my gosh its the best. 

We get some of the tension between Four and Tris that was felt in Allegiant but not because of Nita and  Matthew… because Four knew some ISH was up with the Bureau. Tris has problems being honest with him AGAIN. I’m sorry but I would tell Four ANYTHING to keep that man. There are also some really AWESOME Fourtris moments too. 

I can really see now that Insurgent and the changes that were made, were preparing us for this movie and the direction of the series. Allegiant opens immediately where Insurgent left off, with everyone fleeing for the fence…. only to be stopped by Evelyn’s goons. The ALLEGIANT is still formed! It doesn’t look like Mars Immediately and that is all explained and makes sense. It’s still Chicago O’Hare airport that they go to! Peter is still a backstabbing hilarious cocky bastard.


It saddens me that a lot of Divergent fans probably saw the same trailers I did and said “screw this”. The numbers were way down at the box office. But it doesn’t have to be like that Initiates! We CAN revive this franchise!

GO see Allegiant this week, Grab a friend, Go on Dollar Tuesday for all I care just support this series. I for one can’t WAIT to see what Ascendant holds! Because of THIS obviously:


















TRIS DOESN’T DIE– Not yet anyways and all Allegiant material is used up. SO bring it Ascendant!

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