That’s right! Harmonix is bringing Rock Band back and I am so stoked!

There has to be thousands of other people out there just like me who were just crushed when they announced that no new Rock Band games would be made. I made a silent wish as I hung up my microphone for the last time. But now, I can dust her off and rock once more, because Rock Band 4 is coming out later this year, and that my friend is some epic news.

What’s even cooler than Rock Band returning to our next gen consoles (Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4) is that those of us who were proud of their vast music library don’t have to say goodbye to their sweet tunes. All previously purchased music will be compatible! There are still some things they are trying to work out with Sony and Microsoft, such as if we’ll get to use our dusty old instruments (but honestly, don’t you want pretty new ones?).




To sign up to be notified when Rock Band 4 will be available for preorder click here, and for more from the official press release visit Harmonix. Also watch this video. I think it’s very informative and it just makes me even more excited for the next step in Rock Band history!

What songs are you hoping to see new in Rock Band 4?

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