Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson are featured in June 2014 edition of Vulture Magazine. 

This free-spiritedness does not come without opinions. Both Woodley and Larson have been acting professionally since they were tiny children, and they are keenly aware of how Hollywood works and they aim to challenge conventional notions of emerging stardom, especially female stardom. They are outspoken about their goals and philosophy, part of a New Age continuum, on everything from what parts they want to play to what they want to eat. On the healthy-living front, both are particularly passionate: Larson is an avid locavore (as well as a vegan), and Woodley has seriously considered becoming an herbalist. When she’s feeling ill, she makes tea out of pine needles (apparently a great source of vitamin C); she brushes her teeth with clay and whitens them by swishing sesame oil in her mouth for 20 minutes. She staves off yeast infections by giving “my vagina a little vitamin D” sunlight.


 “You create the story of your day,” ­Woodley sainthusiastically. “And you want that story to be real.” As I ladled the stewlike soup into bowls, I felt like I was back in college, waging idealistic battles about individuality and the authentic life. Sadly, even then I was definitely more superficial than Woodley or Larson, but their romantic belief in emotional honesty, the power of culture, and great friends will always be contagious. They are throwbacks to a less technological time: Neither is active in social media, preferring older modes. “My favorite thing in the world is writing a letter and sending it snail mail,” Woodley said as she nibbled on a tamari-seaweed rice cracker. “I write letters every day.”

Spectacular Now made me fall in love with movies again,” Woodley continued as she poured a packet of instant chaga, a mushroom-based powder with strong ­antioxidant properties, into her mint iced tea. “It tastes like dirt,” she said, interrupting herself. “But I like the taste of dirt.” Woodley took a long sip. “Before ­Spectacular Now, I was seriously considering quitting this ­business. That movie made me want to be creative again, and Brie was very much a part of that time.”

The article is very long, but a great read!! 

*This article appears in the June 2014 issue of New York Magazine. You can read it in it’s entirety at SOURCE 

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