Like we posted earlier today, Shailene Woodley and Theo James answered fan questions over at Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page after their interview with the magazine at SDCC. They answered only a handful of questions but they’re quite informative! Check them out below:

What was your favorite scene to shoot? Is there anything that you were looking forward to from the books particularly?
I loved the ferris wheel scene, that was badass. How often in life do you get to climb a ferris wheel? – S

If you went into the fear simulation what do you think your fears would be?
Guacamole and killer sharks. – T

What fraction do you feel a part of? What one would you choose?
Dauntless, Abnegation & Amity -S
You would be Divergent -T

Shailene, are you a lot like Tris? What’s your favorite thing about Tris?
I love that she has a delicate balance between selflessness and being brave -S

How much did you get to interact with Veronica Roth and what was that like?
We had dinner 3 days in with her, we were able to ask her questions about the series that helped informed our own narrative for the character. -T

What was your favorite part about working together?
Shai was a very cool and open person, we had a natural chemistry from the screen test and I knew that was going to help us -T
He’s super badass and does his own stunts, so it was cool to be part of that world -S

Aren’t these two lovely?! Look out for more interviews coming out today from the Comic Con!

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