The Daily Beast sat down with Shailene at Sundance and got really deep with ‘coming of age’ roles, being real and what we are doing to our world.

You do seem to be drawn to—and excel in—these coming-of-age stories, whether it’s The Spectacular NowWhite Bird in a Blizzard, or the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars.`

I feel like that’s just the age I’ve been able to play. Now, it’s a little bit different. I’m becoming a woman so different roles are available. But that was the experience that I’d had, so those were the movies that made sense to me, and called to me.

I think its a testament to why she is so down to earth that she didn’t know who Joseph Gordon-Levitt was.

Araki’s films are a little before your time. How did you stumble upon his work?

My manager, Nils, is a friend of Gregg’s, and a few years ago he told me, “Oh, you should watch this movie Mysterious Skin.” So I watched it and was like, “Who the hell is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and why is this guy not in every movie ever?” And Nils was like, “He’s actually really famous … he was just in Inception.” I don’t watch a lot of movies so I’d never heard of Joe before. But I was blown away by Mysterious Skin, and watched all of Gregg’s other movies, and have been wanting to work with him ever since.

Read the full article HERE.  It will give you a ton of reasons to want Shai as your BFF, especially this quote.

The one thing I really loved about Divergent is that Tris is a heroine and fights for what she believes in, is passionate about it, and is willing to risk her life for the greater good of humanity, but also, the relationship between her and Theo. I feel very proud to be a part of a franchise that doesn’t exploit young love, and doesn’t exploit what that means, and really treats it tenderly. They’re more partners than they are lovers, and for me, that’s what I want in my life. So, to be able to share that with the world is very unique and I feel very grateful.

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