In a new interview with EntertainmentWise, Shailene Woodley talks about working with her co-stars/leading men Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars), George Clooney (The Descendants), and Theo James (Divergent Trilogy).

“It was awesome working with Ansel. He brought a lot of light to my life,” Shailene gushed. “We became really close on Divergent. It was cold filming in Chicago; it was a hard shoot and he was a really beautiful light, literally. Going straight from that film to The Fault In Our Stars was such a gift, because we were able to be comfortable around each other and bring our natural chemistry to the screen.”

Ansel isn’t the only inspiring co-star Shailene has worked with though. Back in 2011, she played George Clooney’s daughter in the critically acclaimed The Descendents. The actress explaned that the a-lister is “my second dad”. “When I was backpacking through Europe with a friend, we stopped by at his house on Lake Como in Italy for a few days,” she said. “We literally showed up with backpacks. It was really fun and it’s so beautiful.”

There’s one more man in her life, the very gorgeous Theo James, her British co-star in Divergent. But just like her brother sister relationship with Ansel, Shailene has admitted they are more BFFs than boyfriend and girlfriend material. “He makes me laugh really loud. English humour is perverted, raunchy and dry,” Shailene revealed of Theo, who she’s recently reunited with to shoot Divergent sequel Insurgent.

Check out the full article HERE, which also features a brief wrap-up video of Insurgent casting news and filming in Atlanta!

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