Shailene is real and down to earth so its in true form that she would speak out about representing teenage sex and other adult issues that affect teenagers in the films she works on.  In White Bird in a Blizzard she plays teenager who has to come to terms with troubled mother going missing.

Q: There’s been a lot of attention on your sex scenes and nudity in White Bird. Do you think that distracts attention from the rest of the film?
A: It’s not a surprise because it’s America. Sex is so suppressed in America publicly; people don’t talk about it or mention it, and so it wasn’t a surprise that that’s what everyone’s focused on.

Q: How do you think sexuality is conveyed in today’s world?

A: I think we have a long way to go in America as far as representing sexuality. I think of it as a spectrum, because it’s either overly in-your-face and exploited, which is so skewed and unrealistic. Unfortunately that’s what a lot of young people base their own sex lives on, that of which they see in movies, which is so funny. Or it’s super under the covers, pretending it doesn’t exist, and if you talk about sex, you’re dirty. And that’s not real either.

Q: How do you avoid Tris and Four’s relationship from overshadowing the rest of the themes in Divergent sequel Insurgent?
A: Theo [James, who plays Four] and I are so lucky to have each other, because Theo’s a man, he’s not a boy, and I think that immediately eradicates the cheese factor, because anything he does is not going to be a cheesy, hot young boy taking his shirt of in a film. He brings a certain masculinity that I think a lot of young actors couldn’t bring, so that in itself adds a lot. Then we’re both, Theo and I, very keen in the relationship staying grounded and staying truthful.

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