Say hello to Shailene Woodley’s stylist, Ilaria Urbinati! She is the woman responsible for all of Shailene’s fantastic red carpet looks she was rocking the past couple weeks on the Divergent carpets! She say’s that her look for the Met Ball (YES SHE IS ATTENDING!) on May 5th is “Gorgeous and adventurous” and they have already started working on her looks for the press tour for “The Fault in our Stars”! Check out her interview below:

She’s the woman behind the style of Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Leighton Meester and so many more but it’s Hollywood stylist Ilaria Urbinati’s work dressing Shailene Woodleythat has us obsessed lately. Witness the actress in that plunging white Zuhair Murad dress at Divergent‘s Berlin premiere last week – only topped by the fact she then took off her shoes when they started hurting. (Our kind of woman).stylist3

So, curious to know what it’s like to dress the woman widely tipped as the next Jennifer Lawrence thanks to her role in Divergent, what designers Shailene loves and what the plans are for the developing her look, we called up Ilaria and asked a few questions:

The Debrief: What’s it like to dress Shailene?
Ilaria Urbinati: She’s just a lovely human, she has a real sense of who she is and that comes out in her style. She doesn’t do too much jewellery or makeup – she likes to keep it super unfussy, which is fine by me because I don’t like to over style – especially on someone so young.  Divergent was my first press tour with her so it was fun to see her really go for it. And I love that she really doesn’t seem too concerned with what other people think. If she likes it she’s gonna wear it. That’s pretty refreshing for an actress.stylist4

DB: What labels does she favour? Have you introduced her to lots of new stuff?

IU: I got the call one day before the fitting – which was total madness for such a big press tour! – and then we had two hours to fit her for everyththing, so there wasn’t a whole lot of that going on. She did come in knowing her brands quite well, it was definitely not her first rodeo, I was impressed. And designers are all in love with her so that makes it really fun! I do believe Roksanda Illincic was new to her though – she wore that to the Mexico premiere.

DB: Are you mindful of the Jennifer Lawrence comparisons and how do you ensure she has her own identity/aesthetic?
IU: Honestly, it didn’t even cross my mind. Shailene is her own person through and through and it just wasn’t something we ever even discussed—we were just having so much fun with all the pretty clothes!

DB: Where do you plan on taking her look? How do you develop a look with an actress like her?
IU: Her Met Ball look will be gorgeous and adventurous, and we have already started working on Fault in Our Stars press looks.Divergent was this giant blockbuster type movie, so we felt we could go more dramatic and even a little tougher (like the white Zuhair Murad) for those premieres. But for FIOS, since it’s a very sweet story with a young fan base we are going a little more fun and youthful with her looks. For Shailene, on the red carpet, I feel like she’s just very respectful of the character and the film she is representing while maintaining a sense of self – and that will drive her style and where we go with it down the line.

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