We here are MSP are fully allowed to geek out over the new Star Wars trailer that was just released!! ER MAH GAWD Guys!!! How exciting is this? Check it out below and we will discuss! So? What did you think? My first thought upon watching is that this LOOKS and FEELS authentic. Like Star Wars! Our guest Star Wars Geek Nic had this to say about it: ” The Storm Trooper armor looks awesome. After all the speculation and rumors that Cumberbatch wasn’t in it, then he is, then he isn’t, that certainly sounded like his voice…. If you really look at the Millenium Falcon, looks like a model, not a CG ship. The sith Light Saber is pretty awesome too”

So do you agree? Does it feel like Star Wars to you? Here are some frame grabs from Nerdist!

112814_StarWars_TheForceAwakens1-615x257 112814_StarWars_TheForceAwakens2-615x257 112814_StarWars_TheForceAwakens3-615x257 112814_StarWars_TheForceAwakens4-615x430

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