[WARNING: There are some serious spoilers for the 11/22 episode, ‘Heads Up’, of AMC’s The Walking Dead. So please, if you haven’t seen the episode, or if you care about spoilers, do not continue. Come back once you’ve watched!]


It’s been a rough 4 weeks since dumb-ass Nicholas shot himself and took Glenn down with him into a hoard of walkers. We cursed AMC, we wept like babies, we pretended Oscar the Grouch was just hiding him under the dumpster, and now we can rejoice. Glenn Rhee is alive!


Steven Yeun has been quiet since Glenn’s fate was tossed up into the air with no resolve. We haven’t seen him on social media, and on Talking Dead we find out that he didn’t even go out much. But now, Glenn’s back, and so is Steven! He spoke on the topic of Glenn both during a commercial break and on The Talking Dead. For those of us who don’t have cable or couldn’t catch it live, Entertainment Weekly has what we want!

Actor Steven Yeun had made no comment whatsoever since Glenn’s fate was called into question, but finally broke his silence on Sunday after the episode aired, with a special message during a commercial break during AMC’s Into the Badlands.

“I’ve been following everything you’ve been saying and it’s meant so much to me to see all of your support and concern for Glenn,” said Yeun during the message. “The Walking Dead has the best fans in the world and I’m happy to be back.”

Yeun also appeared as a guest on Sunday’s Talking Dead, where Chris Hardwick asked him what life has been like since the mystery of his death first took hold. “I have not been out much,” said Yeun. “I frequent a lot of take-out. My apartment looks like a hoarder’s house.”

To read the rest of the article and see more of what Steven had to say about Glenn’s return visit Entertainment Weekly

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Now that we’re all nice and happy, I’m sure something epically awful is going to happen next week during the mid-season finale, because honestly what mid-season finale doesn’t hold a bucket full of awfulness? Let’s recap for a second. Season 1 was too short for life and didn’t have a mid-season finale. Season 2’s MSF we finally found out Sophia was in fact a walker, and poor Rick had to kill her in front of everyone. The deaths in season 3’s MSF weren’t all that heartbreaking, unless you really loved Oscar or Walker Penny, but we did have some close calls with Maggie and Glenn. Then we get to the truly tragic ones. Seasons 4 and 5 both had MSF’s that left us all in mourning. 4 being when we lost Hershel and 5 being when we lost Beth. Which is the reason why, and I hate to say it, I fear for Maggie in this upcoming episode. They gave us back Glenn, and the two of them are pregnant?! It just feels too good to be true. But we shall see. In the meantime, check out scenes from next weeks ep and stay tuned!

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