Teen Wolf is back! And if you’re like me, I bet your happy dance on Monday looked something like this:


I’m always glad to dedicate 2 hours of my Monday evenings to the show, but given the way last season ended, I’m still mourning. I miss Allison, and it totally hit home when Crystal Reed wasn’t in the opening credits anymore. And then with Derek’s kidnapping and Kate’s return, I knew Season 4 would hit the ground running–and it did! The episode might have only lasted its usual hour, but there were several interesting moments that we have to  talk about!

1. Once upon a time in Mexico…


Of course the gang would go after Derek, and even though Mexico seems like an odd starting place, I loved seeing Stiles throwing stacks of cash around like a BOSS! And any time Stiles and Lydia spend together is a plus.
It was also awesome to see Scott being an Alpha (*FLAILS*) and Malia and Kira sexy-dancing, but then being awesome femme-warriors.
And I can’t be the only one who wanted to slap Araya (leader of the Calaveras) in the face as she made Kira torture Scott. I mean, the Calaveras were the ones who botched Kate’s execution, but as usual, Scott, Stiles, and the gang have to clean up the mess!


2. Braeden is back!


I’m just really glad that Braeden is back in all her badass glory. In fact, this is one of the things I love most about Teen Wolf–there are so many fierce females who are kicking booty and taking numbers, right along with the guys. The first time we met Braeden, she was saving Isaac from the Alpha Pack, and I’m pretty certain she’ll be a big help to Scott and the gang as the season progresses.

And speaking of badass females, Kate is also back, still causing trouble, and she might just be plain evil at this point. She’s clearly not a human or hunter anymore, but from the glimpses we’ve seen, Kate might not be a werewolf either…

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This part was SO funny, but Lydia was right! You guys remember Jackson and the Kanima, right??? I’m scared-nervous-excited to finally find out what Kate is, and hopefully we will soon.


3. Were-coyotes, were-jaguars, were-warthogs, were-kittens…


I was so sure that Stiles was holding a tusk in this scene–maybe from some sort of were-warthog. Alas, it was a tooth: come to find that were-jaguars exist…what in the world?! Can any animal be made into a were? I mean were-kittens sound just as plausible as were-jaguars, don’t you think?


4. Baby Derek!


So, Scott and Braeden found Derek at La Iglesia (YESSSSSSSS), but before we could get too excited, there was obviously something wrong.
When I saw Baby Derek’s face, I think I screamed and jumped out of my seat. What has Kate done to him and why?!
In the preview of the upcoming season, Derek will eventually return to his adult self (though we don’t know when and how). But according to EP Jeff Davis (during Wolf Watch), Derek will never be the same again…YIKES!


This episode was a great opener to Season 4! Between were-Kate, Baby Derek, Scott/Kira/Allison angst, as well as Stiles/Lydia vs. Stiles/Malia potential, there are several story lines I’m looking forward to with mostly anticipation and some fear too (did you see those Beserkers?!). Make sure to see below for the Season 4 super-teaser!

What did you like most about the premiere episode? What are you most looking forward to in Season 4? Would you want a were-kitten as a pet? 😉

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