Eric/TheoSummit sure has its hands full with our favorite series! Not only will they need to find a new director for Insurgent, but now they are on a time limit, too! Variety confirmed not only that Divergent director Neil Burger will not be returning for the sequel, but also gave release dates for Insurgent AND Allegiant!

Divergent” director Neil Burger will not helm “Insurgent,” the second title in Lionsgate’s upcoming young-adult franchise, and the studio has set the sequel for a March 20, 2015, release.

Burger is currently in post-production for “Divergent,” starring Shailene Woodley, for a March 21, 2014, release and Lionsgate is currently seeking another director for “Insurgent.”

The March, 2015, release date requires that production start this spring. Lionsgate also announced Monday that the third film, “Allegiant,” will be released a year later on March 18, 2016.

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That’s right, Initiates! By the time we see Divergent in March (at midnight, of course), we will be within one year from Insurgent and two years from Allegiant! I may faint from excitement!

What do you think about these release dates? Are you excited that they are all a year apart, or do you wish they would spread out the movies a bit to keep it alive? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Variety


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