outlander-season-2It’s time for another episode of Text Talk! This is generally something that Jen and I do anyways when it comes to Outlander because she has read the books, and I haven’t. So we have both perspectives for you!

We last saw Jamie and Claire on their way to Paris. The season 2 premiere picks up back in 1940 something with Claire having transported herself back… I mean forward in time? We get to see her look like a crazy person as she tells Frank about her experience and that she’s been married and in love to another man for TWO YEARS! She then tells him she’s pregnant and he goes “Black Jack” crazy in the shed of the people whose house they’re staying at. He then informs Claire that he wants to stay married with her and raise the child as his own. They go to grab hands and flash forward to glorious Sam Heughan as Jamie (ALL THE HEART EMOJIS). Now we are back to Jamie and Claire arriving in Paris. Stuff happens with his cousin and the Jacobites that requires him to show his allegiance by taking his shirt off. Claire gets her hands in stuff she’s not supposed to (IMAGINE THAT), and declares a ship contaminated with small pox- the captain and his fake white wig are not about to forget that! Annnnd that’s about it until next week! I hope you enjoy our text talk below:

J: Yay outlander!!!!
A: closed captioning turned on!
J: I don’t have that option πŸ˜’
A:Wait. I thought they were going to Paris?! I’m already confused
J Keep watching.. Haha Dragonfly in Amber actually starts in 1967 or something
A: Her hair is so much longer
J: Yes.. Passage of time and all that

A: Still love the opening

J: I like that they changed the theme song into French

A;Oh weird!
J:Roger!! 😎
A: Yay…. Weird face dude- Poor Tobias and his earrings
J:Foreshadowing 😏
J: Mrs Grahm the fairy friend..
A: I don’t know these things!
J:Β πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
A:If this whole season is going to be like this I’m going to be bored as eff. Lol
J: It’s not but this part is important
J :They cast Brianna (their daughter) so I know there will be more flashbacks/flash forwards like this
A: Are we supposed to not like Frank like his doppelgΓ€nger?
A: Oh hi there f bomb haha
J: It’s her favorite apparently

J: This shows that she loves Jamie more than frank and that frank has a temper like black jack
A: I feel so bad for her right now!!
J: I know 😭😭😭
A: Uhhhh she’s still preggo right?
J: Yes
She was gone for 2 years
A: I’m still confused
J: Those are very loud doors
A: They were on a boat to Paris when this left off
J: It flashes to Paris
A:I hate his voice. Seriously. All I can think is him rapeing Jamie 😫
J:Making love to Jamie 😟


J:He’s trying so hard to make things work with them
J:Ex wife πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
A:Can I fast forward?
J: No you need to watch!!


J:Because it makes later stuff matter

A:Boom pregnant

IMG_6004 IMG_6005

A:Bahahaha yes

A:Temper temper

J: Here’s BLACK JACK!!!
J: It runs in the family
A: Yuuuuuuup
J: Dude.. This is not your house!! Rude!!!
A: They might have needed that pottery!
A: I’m going to call our trash the dust bin
J: Yes!!
J: Is this man dead? .. I saw his ghost 2 years ago
A: Yeah dude… She’s been barely pregnant for 2 years


J: The Randall’s like the f word
A: Ooh Boston
J: Don’t say flog…
A: Flog flog flog
A: I like the pleats in his pants πŸ˜‚


J: But you don’t have the same respect for Claire!!! She shares you.. Butthole!!!
J: Sorry I read ahead
A: Uh have you seen Jamie?? How is she supposed to forget him?Β Does she tell him about blackjack?!
J: I think she just told him the basics about what happened
Not “you looks like your great great great great whatever who also happens to be gay”
A: Those shoes are in style again
J: No socks.. She prob has blisters
Ya because skinny pants are in style
A: That would be crazy weird

IMG_5996 IMG_5997 IMG_5998 IMG_5999-1A: That was a glorious entrance

J: Ah murtagh πŸ˜‰
He’s great
J: They are trying to keep non readers from guessing when she goes back etc..
A: It must be pretty soon after this since she’s not showing


A: Ye ken that well
J: Lol
J: I vow to you.. Very formal
A: Good grief he’s hot
J:Β πŸ™ŒπŸ»
A: That jaw. Praise is right πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

J: Your a sturdy woman πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ˜‚
A: She’s a sturdy woman haha
Be still my heart
J: Lolololol
J: What fire burns for you April?? Lol
A: Here lets undress for him
J: His scars look smaller than last season
A: Hmmmmm
J: He’s buff πŸ’ͺ🏻
Ripped 😻
J: Claire making friends wherever she goes.. Lol
I never understood the white wigs

A: What’s their ship name? Claime? Lol
J: No clue..
A: Well that was anticlimactic
J: It’s the book.. That’s what I love about this series.. It stays with the book… Unlike another TV show on right now
J: But I still like that show
A: I’m so behind on that haha


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