tumblr_n75noyCM7Y1sn21e9o1_500Welcome to our first full Text Talk with the MSP Girls! Today we will be bringing you our Text Talk from the Season 2 Premiere of Reign! Our Text Talkers today are Jennifer, April and Melissa, And yes we are juding. Hope you enjoy!

J:Omg I don’t remember the finale!!!

A:Francis got a haircut and WHOA hey there weirdo. You shaved and look kind of hotter


J:Laith is a weirdo

M:Yeah I don’t care for him much

A:Well so far adelaides extensions are pretty good

J:Oh slutty Lola…


A:Ugh. It makes me so mad!

M:And Lola has a big forehead

A:Who is this chick with the obviously dyed red hair, because they had hair dye then?

I don’t remember her at all!

J:Greers new stepdaughter

A:Thank you leith. Yvette

J:I’m going to call her horse teeth… Lol

A:His accent really isn’t bad considering he is like the only American on this show

PASCHAL!? Is Rapunzel there?! Hahaha


A:I don’t know who these peeps are but one of them is gonna get the plague



A:There YA go

J:Big pimple

Follow the cup

M:And that’s how it spreads

A:What was bearded guys name?! Why am I drawing a blank

Of course it’s a boy


You guys are so smart!

A:Oh snap. I want music to play when I get sick hahaha


A:WHATS HIS NAME. starts with an N



J:He needs to quit the whisper creepy voice

M:I don’t know that I like his clean shaven facenostra

J:Oooooooh SNAP

A:I do!!!!


M:His mouth looks odd…

A:SERIOUSLY?! He was just screwing someone else

Oh! THAT’s Paschal. Haha I forgot about him.

Slaughter of Innocence

oh no paschal is gonna die…

Isn’t he who brought it in the castle?

J:No the hoor… Hahah


A:Oh. Wasn’t there something weird with the kid though? Creepy?

J:He is Kenna’s ward,,,,

A:Oh snap

M:The strange creaturey thing


M:Well then.

A:So like do they just sit on the thrones all day when Francis is gone? Lol

J: They are keeping themselves sequestered

oh that’s the hoors husband

M:Think she will get her hands dirty?

J:I dunno.. She’s found ways around it before


(Commercial Break)

M:K I just had to google. Just timberlake and jimmy Fallon do that iPhone health commercial

A:OT- I love that it’s Jimmy Fallon and Justin on the new iPhone commercial

J:I recognized Fallon


M:I recognized it

A:I recognized Justin immediately hahaha


M:Lol jt not it

A:I also love that Justin is the 6+ because I mean obv



A:Again. The thrones. Haha

Is the fire helping keep the plague away?

That would be rather uncomfortable

M:They think it is

Talk about a numb butt

J:Yes.. Didn’t you hear Katherine?

A:Oh NOPE haha

J:”It worked for the pope”

M:Lol they think it cleanses the air

A:Oh haha

J:They are “burning the plague away”

A:I’m surprised she can walk lol


A:They’re so cute



J:His eyes are preeeeeety

A:I keep seeing all these things that could be spreading it

So did this like happen historically

M:Lol right??

A:I don’t put much stock into the historical accuracy of this show haha

M:Well I know the plague was huge. Not sure about holding up in the castle

J:I don’t think so because historically Francis dies within 1 yr of marriage.. Amd Mary is like 14

Or something

A:That’s a fancy schmancey tent

I just meant the plague in France

J:It’s a kings tent

M:The plague was all over Europe

A:Okay. Haha I should know this



A:Oh Kenna

Think she gonna die?


A:Our boys will be sad if so

J:She’s a main

M:I agree

J:”Look at my sassy coat”

A:I HATE how he talks

J:Like I said… He needs to quit the whisper creepy voice

M:His top lip doesn’t move

A:Oh Catherine so rude!


J:She’s like I will birth the kings forever….

M:Hahaha her poor uterus

J:They will flow out of me… Lololol

Water yourself… Lol

A:Then your horses


J:They are like mean girls…

Oh who to trust…

A:Hahaha yes!! #onwednesdayswewearvelvet



A:Awww sad

J:Kenna is growing a heart… Like the grinch…

And now it’s broken

A:LOL yes

J:I will claw you out…


A:OKAY then

J:Ew I was typing and not looking

I thought that was Kenna.. Hahahaha

M:Me too!!

J:Oh so Catherine’s gonna die?

No she can’t

A:So she knows


Good job Mary- Poison/Drug her!

J:Haha trick her?

A:I think Nostradamus is John Black from days of our lives, great great great great great grandpa

Or Batman?


J:Omg yes!!!!

M:I like the John black theory

J:I used to record that in hs

No Stefano dimera

A:LOL!!! That’s all I can think of

M:stefano hahahajohn-lolz

J:They are all gonna die!!!!

A:BOOM. Snap.

Omg NO

M:Well that’s that

J:The red head is gone…

A: That’s terrible!

J: Why was she there .. Where is her dad

A: Ugh I don’t know.

(Commerical Break)

J:Oh I recognize JT’s voice now…

A:Hahaha yay more Jimmy and Justin


A:He’s hallucinating

J:*i see dead people*

A:Are you freaked out? Haha

M:Lol I’m good

J:Oh god.. This is the weird supernatural stuff for this season

M:Rip it down

J:He’s so manly

M:Except for that first kick…that was dumb

A:Um YA it was stupid.

He’s gonna hold him


A:Let me put my sword down



M:Cause they instantly get quiet like that






A: Saw that one coming

“I’m aware” haha I love her

She’s bad ass

I love that she drugged Catherine too

J:You will rue the day….


J:I feel like that’s the line that was missing


A: Francis is so hot standing over there being a baby whisperer


J:The cousin has “hey what’s up” eyes

A:Yup. For Lola


J:Whiz bang

A:Really!?!? No next week?!

M:Well that’s sad

J:I want to watch whose line now….

A:Ugh. Yes. So sad

M:Ok ready to text talk the 10 o’clock news?? Lol


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